Friday, April 20, 2012

Craft Time

Since I have been working part time at a craft store the past eight months, I have this strange and constant urge to do arts and crafts. This is a picture of a few that I have indulged in recently. This is a painting I did, a scrapbook I'm starting, a wreathe I made that now hangs on my front door, and a picture of a wolf cross-stitch I'm working on at the moment (thanks Katie and Isaac for the awesome birthday gift).

Yes, I taught myself how to cross-stitch, and I'll admit I love doing this "old lady" craft. I finished one for my mom, that unfortunately I don't have a picture of, and now I'm hooked. It really amazes me (and Kevin) how this tedious task can keep me happy and occupied for hours.

Also, when I have time, I have an adventure with a new recipe in the kitchen. I have also cleaned out and planted a few silly annuals in my hopelessly shady flower bed out front. In summary, I love hobbies, I think they keep me healthy and happy, and if you have any fun ones I'd love to hear about them.


  1. Beautiful crafts! Nice work. You should get Mom to take a picture of the cross-stitch you made and post it. I've heard it's wonderful

  2. Dad just sent you a text with a picture of the beautiful lighthouse cross-stitch you made for me. I hope you will post it and show off more of you handiwork. I love it. It is hanging up but not where I want just yet. We need to move some furniture around to give it just the right showy spot.

    1. I can't post anything that gets sent to my phone. My phone isn't fancy.