Thursday, April 12, 2012

Cat Watching


One of the things Kevin and I love about our place is that we get to spend time with the cats that live here too. It's an interesting hobby that I like to relate to bird watching, but in addition to observing them, we also pet and get to know them. Each cat has it's own unique personality. It's the little things they do differently that make Kevin and I laugh. We spend a ridiculous amount of time catching each other up on the silly things the cats did today.

Of course it's not always the easiest hobby either. The one cat we allowed to come inside and become "ours" went missing a few weeks ago. We worried a little but thought Bandit was just off enjoying the spring weather Our hearts were crushed when we found his body on the highway by our home. We miss him lots and reminisce about him often, and it's comforting to have the other cats here.

So although it can be bitter-sweet (and expensive) I'm glad we found ourselves in this situation. I feel like I'm a lucky cat woman with some pretty awesome cats. Please feel free to come meet them any time(oh, and my boyfriend).

Bandit on our microwave.


  1. Sorry about Bandit! I was telling someone about your cat hobby recently. They were looking for some kittens for their children.

    1. I think we're about to have some kittens in a few weeks. I'll have to send some their way.

  2. The photo of JR is really lovely. What a handsome kitty!

  3. All of your cats are darling. I haven't been able to get near any of them. It's great to have Gateway around to scratch under his chin once in a while, actually he like me to stroke his back now which he didn't like for years. Sorry about Bandit. I like his picture he looks very content sitting on the microwave.